NASA Will Pay You $19,000 to Stay in Bed

The German Aerospace Center, a part of NASA, is looking for 24 participants to literally stay in bed for 60 days. And they'll pay you almost $19,000!

During the 60-day observation, NASA researchers will be watching the effects of "artificial gravity" on the body. The goal is to see if it may be helpful for astronauts that are spending a long time in space.

Participants in the experiment will be split into groups, but will be housed in one room...which is a bit stressful, but for $19k, I'll do just about anything. They'll be asked to perform several activities while laying in bed, including eating, watching TV, and reading.

To apply for the program, you must be between the ages of 24 and 55 and speak German. For more ifo and to apply for the greatest job in history, click here.

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