Plant Based Ice Cream Shop Opens in Nashville

I'm slightly obsessed with ice cream, but I've also been on a health kick lately. So, when I heard about plant based ice creams, I was instantly intrigued!

Plus, if you have dairy or nut allergies, KOKOS Ice Cream is perfect for you! They're locally made, dairy free, 100% plant based, AND nut free! They literally have it all!

KOKOS Ice Cream first began doing pop-ups around Music City in Spring of 2017. After spreading like wildfire on social media, and opening KOKOS TO GO, the ice cream company has officially opened their first shop - KOKOS SCOOP SHOP. The shop is located at 3 City Avenue, right off of Charlotte and will be open daily.

And let me just tell y'all, the Instagram vibes are ON. POINT.

I stopped by their grand opening on Thursday night and OMG. You NEED to try the lemon pie ice cream! Legit, its the best ice cream I've ever had. I highly recommend the mint chip too!

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