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Everything You Need to Know About Disney's New Streaming Service

We've known for a while now that a Disney-owned streaming service was in the works, but we've sort of been left in the dark until now. During a three-hour long event on Thursday, the company released details about upcoming shows and movies, prices, and a release date for the streaming service, Disney Plus.

Disney Plus will be a subscription based streaming service WITHOUT advertising.


Its not really a surprise that a LOT of the original content for the streaming service will focus on its big franchises like Marvel and Star Wars. The service will feature a live-action show titled The Mandalorian, which is based around Star Wars. The Mandalorian has already completed filming and will be available for streaming as soon as the service launches. Scarlet Witch and The Vision, based on Avengers characters Loki and WandaVision, will premiere in early 2020.

Additionally, Disney Plus will feature TV versions of Monsters, Inc. and Love, Simon and content from other Disney brands including Pixar and National Geographic. It will also include some FOX programming including The Simpsons, The Sound of Music, Malcolm in the Middle, and The Princess Bride.


The service is actually pretty decently priced! It will cost only $7 a month or $70 if you pay for the full year at once. Of course, the price will probably increase over time, but 7 bucks a month isn't a bad starting point!

Here's the bad news...we have to wait til November to purchase the service as it will launch on November 12, 2019.

For even more information about the service, click here.

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