"Pay What You Want" at This Nashville Coffee Shop Run Entirely on Donations

Its time to switch up where you're getting your morning coffee! You need to visit Crest Coffee House at 1601 Martin Street in Nashville! They are Music City's first and ONLY donation-based coffee shop!

Their motto,"building community from the grounds up", is all about creating a community where people from all walks of life can come together and enjoy a good cup of coffee, work on some homework, use the Wi-Fi, or just relax.

Here's the cool part - you pay what you want 'cause there's no prices on the menu! If you want to pay $25, go for it! If you can only afford 50 cents, that's fine too!

They aren't just doing this for the press. They're doing this to make a difference in the community. According to their website, they are

"providing a unique take on the traditional coffee scene by using locally roasted artisanal coffee and espresso to change our community one sip at a time. Our profit goes directly back into the community. We work specifically with at risk youth and single mom's to empower them by teaching them trade skills, mentoring, and employment".

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