This Airbnb Lets You Live Among Alpacas and Its Only $74

Vacations are nice, but wouldn't they be better if you were surrounded by alpacas? That's exactly what the owners of Capaldi Ranch in Paso Robles, CA thought when they began renting out their place on Airbnb! Not only is it a working alpaca farm, but its also an organic almond farm!

The private room sleeps two and overlooks the ranch. In addition to alpacas, horses, chickens, dogs, and cats also roam the fields.


Need to accommodate a few more people? Don't worry! They have a camper available to rent that sleeps up to five. According to reviews, the owner is a total sweetheart and the stay was fantastic! Plus, its only $74 a night which is a steal!



Robin is obsessed with dogs and true crime, swears more than a "lady" should, and constantly changes her colored hair!


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