Facebook is Helping You Get Out of the Friend Zone With "Secret Crush"

Let's start with the fact that Facebook has "Facebook Dating" because who knew? Seriously though...did anyone know that was a thing? I definitely didn't!

Anyways, they've expanded the concept to include "Secret Crush", which will allow you to select nine of your Facebook friends that you have a crush on. If any of those people also select you as their "secret crush", you'll be notified and you can go live happily ever after. But if they don't, they'll never know and your secret is safe with Facebook!

As of now, this feature is only available 19 countries...none of which include the U.S., but who knows...it could be coming!

So how does this help get you out of the "friend zone"? I guess it just gives you a way to kinda/sorta tell the person you like them, but without fulling committing to it and not having your heart broken if it turns out they aren't into you. So its kinda cool? I guess...

The concept of "Secret Crush" is pretty similar to an old app from 2013 called "Bang With Friends" (lol). The app connected to your Facebook account and let you choose friends you'd like to....well, bang. As you can imagine, it didn't go over too well and they ended up changing the name to "Down".

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