Mom Skipped Her Own Graduation to See Son Graduate, School Surprises Her

Your child graduating from college is a huge accomplishment and one that a mother would never want to miss...even if that means missing her own graduation. That was exactly the case for Sharonda Wilson of Michigan. Her son, Stephan, was scheduled to graduate from Central Michigan University with a degree in Fine Arts in Musical Theater last week. However, Sharonda was scheduled to graduate on the same day...from an entirely different school - Ferris State University (fun fact: that's my alma mater).

In order to attend her son's graduation, Sharonda chose to skip her own. After hearing of the situation, CMU's President, Bob Davies, called up the President of FSU, David Eisler. The two arranged to surprise Stephan and his mom during Stephan's graduation. They presented Sharonda with her own graduation cap and a mini ceremony in front of everyone!

Central Michigan University shared a video of the mini graduation on their Facebook page and its the cutest thing EVER! Stephan was so excited for his mom!

As a graduate of Ferris State University, I'm so happy to see this!

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