Ring Pop Wrapper From Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner's Wedding is for Sale

Its been a little over a week since Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got married during the greatest wedding ceremony of all time. Not only was it a super casual, spur of the moment, and fun wedding, but it was also my dream wedding. The ceremony seems pretty fitting for the couple as they seem to be super laid-back and fun-loving.

To me, the best part of the ceremony was that they used Ring Pops in place of actual wedding bands because a) they're delicious and b) who needs to spend all that money on wedding bands?

As it turns out, someone scooped up the wrapper to one of the Ring Pops and you guessed it...they're selling it on eBay! And if you've got an extra $5,000+, it could be yours! Whoever is selling this is about to make some serious money for literal trash! The best part about the posting is that he/she went through the trouble of taking pictures of every inch of the wrapper and even placed a measuring tape next to it so that you could see its exactly 5 inches lol

All I'm gonna say is...my birthday is coming up and I wouldn't mind some of Joe Jonas's trash as my present. Please and thank you.

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