"Liquor Lab" & Speakeasy to Open in Nashville

Nashville is growing more and more by the second. Some of the new stuff is super annoying for locals (*cough* pedal taverns *cough*), but every once in a while there's a new place that has locals and tourists excited. The Liquor Lab is just that!

The Liquor Labratory is located at 144 2nd Avenue North and refers to itself as a "hands-on, interactive craft beer, wine, spirits, and cocktail events pace where guests can experience custom beverages like never before". Its basically like a cooking class...but for liquor!

The lab isn't open just yet, but they have four soft openings planned for July 2019. By attending the soft opening, you'll be gifted with a membership to their private speakeasy, cocktail kits, and more! For more information about their soft opening events, click here.

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