McDonald's Opens Their Tiniest Location...for Bees

Apparently McDonald's is all philanthropic now and is out to save the bees! Recently, five stores in Sweden have added beehives on their rooftops and now several others are joining in on the movement! Some are even replacing the grass around their stores with flowers and plants for the bees!

But now, they're taking things a step further with the opening of The McHive!

Yep, you heard me - The McHive. To date (and probably forever), this is their tiniest location yet. Its a fully functioning restaurant with rows of honeycombs, a mini drive through, golden arches, and even posters in the windows!

Like (probably) all of you, I was completely unaware that Monday was "World Bee Day", but apparently McDonald's keeps up on these things. They auctioned off the McHive on Monday, May 20th for TEN. THOUSAND. DOLLARS. All of the proceeds from the auction went straight to the Ronald McDonald House charities!

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