Naked, Florida Man Burns House Down Trying to Bake Cookies on Grill

People in Florida are pretty wild...we already knew that. According to Thrillist, a drunk and naked Florida man burt his house down because he had a severe craving for cookies. So severe that he attempted to bake them on a George Foreman grill.

According to the Northwest Florida Daily News, the man had been drinking vodka and smoking marijuana for the majority of the day. In a case of the munchies, he attempted to bake some cookies on his George Foreman grill. Well, he forgot about them and the grill caught on fire!

The fire department eventually showed up and the only thing he could say was "I'm sorry" before heading back INTO THE HOUSE. Eventually, the fire department had enough and he was escorted out of the house.

But like...I can't blame the guy. I can't say I haven't considered baking cookies that way too....

There's no word on why he was naked though...

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