Autistic Boy Makes Friends With Seat Partner On Solo Flight

Alexa Bjornson arranged for her 7-year-old autistic son, Landon, to fly solo to visit his dad in Oregon. Alexa was worried that her son would be nervous on the flight and might bother his seatmate. So, she gave Landon a note to give to the person sitting next to him on his flight. The note explained that Landon has high-functioning autism and might continuously ask "are we there yet?". Alexa also offered a $10 bill for helping make her son feel comfortable.

Landon boarded his flight, sat next to a man named Ben Pedraza, and gave him the note and cash. The two enjoyed their flight together and played rock-paper-scissors together.

When they landed, Ben took a selfie with Landon and sent it to his mother with a message reading,

"Landon did ask if we were there yet several times but he was a great travel buddy. We had a good time and played a few rounds of rock-paper-scissors. He's a great kid and you're a lucky mom"

He also added that the $10 wasn't necessary so he donated it to the Autism Society in honor of Landon!

For more on the story and to see their selfie, click here.

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