Dr. Pepper Has a Secret "Birthday Cake" Flavored Drink

It seems like everyone is releasing a "birthday cake" flavor of their products. Why? I couldn't tell ya, 'cause I think its disgusting, but whatever.

Dr. Pepper has recently joined in on the trend and released an "Icing on the Cake" version of the classic drink.

Before you run to the store, just know that its a veryyyy limited edition. One Twitter user, @JKMerm, posted a photo of the can back in August. When asked how she managed to get her hands on one, she said,

I'm part of the Pepper pack, which is the @drpepper brand ambassador program! They sent me a few cans of this for my birthday!

Okay, so the fact that this drink exists is pretty shocking, but I'm more concerned about how I didn't know that they had an ambassador program! How can I join the Pepper Pack!?

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