Nashville Bar Makes You Feel Like You're On The Beach

Nashville has a ton of unique spots, but none of them compare to SandBar! It's easily on my list of top 5 favorite places in Nashville. It's like going on vacation without leaving the city limits!

SandBar, which is located inside One City features beach volleyball courts, tropical drinks, and an all-over beachy feel! While the majority of the bar is outdoors, there is a small indoor area with games, tables, and TVs!

So what makes it better than other outdoor bars? Well, I mean, how many spots in Nashville have beach volleyball courts? Probably not many! But more importantly, THE DRINKS!

On top of their normal bar menu, they have specialty drinks that are served in watermelons, coconuts, and pineapples!

Oh, and did I mention they're totally dog friendly? I've been to SandBar more times than I can count and there are ALWAYS dogs there! They'll even host a birthday party for your dog!

Beachy vibes...AND dogs? SIGN ME UP! For more info on SandBar, click here or visit them at 3 City Avenue Suite 500, Nashville, TN 37209.

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