Nashville Church Transformed Into Boutique Hotel

If you're driving around East Nashville, there's a good chance you've seen the gorgeous old church on Russell Street. Well, turns out it's not a church anymore!

The building, which was built in 1904, was once home to the Russell Street Cumberland Presbyterian Church, but its been transformed into a GORGEOUS boutique hotel with 23 unique rooms.

The decor has obviously been updated, but the owners have kept plenty of the original features including stained glass windows, brick walls, and more! They've even transformed pews into bed headboards!

Of course, the hotel features a ton of artwork. I mean, it IS East Nashville. The decor includes murals and a Dolly Parton mosaic!

Yes, the Russell Hotel is beautiful, but its so much more than just a hotel.The owners are dedicated to making a difference in our community by donating a substantial portion of their money to local homeless ministries. In fact, an average stay at the hotel provides enough money to provide 16 beds and warm meals for local homeless shelters!

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