Jonas Brothers & Coors Light Limited Edition Brew is Now Available

Ask a Jonas Brothers fan what their favorite beer is and they'll answer immediately - "Coors Light"! They love it so much that Joe even had custom bottles made for his wedding to Sophie Turner and it was featured in the video for "Only Human"!

If you thought that was brand loyalty, they've taken it to a new level! The guys stopped by the Coors Brewery in Golden, Colorado to learn how their favorite beer was made. While there, the guys even helped brew their own batch!

But this batch is special...This batch will feature Kevin, Joe, and Nick's faces on the iconic mountains! Yes, that's right...the JoBros have their own limited-edition brew!

So how can superfans (like me) get their hands on a Jonas brew? The limited edition brew is NOW AVAILABLE while supplies last, exclusively through GoPuff!'s only available in select cities. Lucky for us, Nashville is one of those cities!

I just have one question though...will their faces turn blue when the can is cold, like the mountains do?

Check out the video below

Jonas Brothers at Coors

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