Nashville Speakeasy Only Accessible Via Phone Booth

I'm not really sure why something instantly becomes cooler when its "exclusive", but it does...and that's exactly why the Red Phone Booth speakeasy is one of my new favorite things of 2020!

The Red Phone Booth, which originated in Atlanta, is located along Rosa Parks Blvd. right in the center of downtown. While the booth itself is a fun photo op, the inside of the bar is even more fun! But, its gonna take some work to get in there. In order to get access, you'll need to find a friend or employee that's willing to share the secret phone number.

Once you're in, you're transported into a speakeasy complete with classic and craft cocktails! Oh, and get this...they have over 180 different types of whiskey! And of course, they have a small plates menu in case you get a little hungry or just need something to soak up the whiskeys!

Red Phone Booth offers a variety of membership tiers to fit each type of visitor. To learn more about the Red Phone Booth and its 20s atmosphere, click here.

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