Tennessee Bar Lets You Hang With Goats While Drinking Secret Boozy Drink

Its a long weekend, which makes it the PERFECT weekend to take a trip to Memphis to check out one of its most unique bars. Silky O'Sullivan's is an Irish-style pub first and foremost, but it also features delicious BBQ, fresh oysters, and a dueling piano bar. Weird, right? But it works!

Of course, the food is great, but this a bar, so we need to talk about their drinks! Most importantly, The Diver, which features a "secret" blend of several different kinds of liquor...sooo, jungle juice, right? The best part is that they serve it in a literal gallon-sized bucket!

Ready for another weird twist? How about a giant goat tower on the patio! Yup...there's an actual playground for goats out back. Why? I honestly have no idea, but I'm not complaining about it.

As someone that's personally been to Silky O'Sullivan's and witnessed the goats having a grand 'ole time, I highly recommend making the trip!

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