New Speakeasy Opens in Nashville

If there's one thing Nashville knows, its how to drink! I guess that explains why there are new bars popping up almost daily. But this one is different...this one is a speakeasy, which seems to be the latest trend in bars. Fable Lounge just opened up off West End, near Centennial Park.

Fable, a two-story lounge, is absolutely gorgeous! I don't know much about speakeasies or the prohibition, but I would imagine they probably weren't the prettiest to look at. Not this one! The decor is beautiful and honestly, it'll make you feel 10x richer than you are!

Walk-ins are welcome at the bar, where you can get anything from an old fashioned to local craft brews to specialty cocktails. One of their specialty cocktails, Love & Riches, is made with Rittenhouse Rye, apple butter demerara, and bitters. OMG...I don't even know what half of those words mean, but apple butter? Count me in!

If you want to check out their food, go ahead and make a reservation for dinner!

Not only is it absolutely gorgeous inside, but they also have a beautiful mezzanine level known as the "Cigar Lounge". Ready to learn more about Fable? Check out their website here!

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