Disney to Open "Frozen" Land in 2023

I'd like to start this by apologizing in advance to parents that are sick of hearing "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" 'cause....things are about to get worse!

According to reports, Disney is expected to open a real-life version of Arendelle, featuring all your favorite Frozen characters, a new restaurant, and a shop. You'll even get to see the snow-capped mountain off in the distance! Of course, Arendelle wouldn't be complete without a lake, which will have 360-views of water-based shows!

Here's the bad news though, or maybe its good news if you're sick of hearing the Frozen soundtrack on repeat, Frozen Land will be opening at the Disneyland Paris location, so I hope you have a passport!

While "Frozen" land isn't expected to open until 2023, fans can still join all their favorite characters with a new show that will occur 4 times a day at the park!

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