Evan Peters to Return to American Horror Story Alongside Macaulay Culkin

The last season of American Horror Story, American Horror Story: 1984, was missing two of their most loved actors - Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters. Back in January, Pauslon confirmed that she would return for season 10, but there still wasn't any word on Peters.

Recently, the show's creator, Ryan Murphy, shared a teaser for the new season that included a list of cast members.

The teaser announced a few other returning cast members, including Kathy Bates and Billie Lourd. The other big news was the addition of Macaulay Culkin to the show!

As AHS fans know, each season has a different "theme". There's still no word on what the theme will be for season 10, but based on the teaser, it seems like it could be beachy themed? Or nautical? OR...what if its about a mystery death on a cruise ship?!

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