Olive Garden Celebrates Leap Day Birthdays With Free Desserts

As someone that takes my birthday WAY too seriously, I've always felt bad for people born on Leap Day. Ya know, that weird, random day at the end of February that only happens every 4 years....still makes no sense to me.

Aaaanyways...now I'm incredibly jealous of Leap Day babies cause Olive Garden is offering them FOUR free desserts for their birthday. One for every year that their birthday mysteriously disappeared from the calendar.

Olive Garden has appropriately named Leap Day babies "leaplings" and will be offering them four free Dolicinis...whatever that is!

But don't worry...there's still something in it for the rest of us! The restaurant is offering $2.29 (February 29...aka 2/29...it took me a minute too, don't worry) fettuccine Alfredo, five cheese ziti al forno, and spaghetti with meat sauce take-home entrees for the non-leaplings.

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