Charles Melton Shares The First Thing He Noticed About Camila Mendes


One of my favorite Hollywood couples right now is Charles Melton and Camila Mendes, the two star on The CW's Riverdale! Seriously, they are right up there with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively for me.

I've ALWAYS loved them, but I have to say after Camila posted that heartfelt Insta caption last week I literally got so emotionally invested and attached to them as a couple.


Charles did a big Q&A with Glamour and they asked him, "What's the first thing you noticed about Camila?" He said, "Her smile." Which is definitely up there for me too, I LOVE a man with a solid smile.

But, I realized that the "smize" is like the new smile now not a ton of people are smiling these days, so that really is something that stands out for sure!


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