Donald Trump is Taking A Prostate Drug to Prevent Baldness

Whenever the United States elects a new president, the American people tend to start making bets about how long it will take for the new guy's hair to be affected. [the stress is real, you know?]

Donald Trump's hair has actually been sort-of-iconic for years now, so perhaps scrutiny of the presidential mop is at an all-time high.

Will the stress of holding the free world's highest office cause him to go bald?

It's highly unlikely, ladies and gents -- because Trump's longtime physician [Harold N. Bornstein] just told The New York Times that DJT is taking a prostate drug that prevents baldness.

The drug is called finasteride, and it is typically used to lower PSA, a prostate antigen.
Dr. Bornstein also takes the drug, and has his own long, luscious locks.

[lol, the fact that this is news right now...]

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