WATCH: The First Preview of 'Anastasia: The Musical' Is Here

Anastasia is one of my all-time favorite animated movies, which is why I was overjoyed when I heard that it was being turned into a broadway musical.

Here's what you can expect from Anastasia: The Musical, according to Hello Giggles:

From the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s, the new musical, Anastasia is the romantic, adventure-filled story of a brave young woman attempting to discover the mystery of her past. The new musical is inspired by the Twentieth Century Fox Motion Pictures.”

Actress Christy Altomare has been cast in the title role -- and you can watch her perform "Journey to the Past" below!

Important side note:  Rasputin [and his little bat sidekick, Bartok] will not be appearing in Anastasia: The Musical. The writers who adapted Anastasia for the stage thought a more realistic villain was necessary.

"They may have a little homage here or there, maybe. But basically, there’s a new character who represents the Communist Regime. He’s a contemporary, more of a contemporary figure. He’s in post-revolutionary Russia, he’s a Czechist as they called them," songwriter Lynn Ahres told reporters at Playbill.

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