Women Use Glitter Body Paint to Promote Body-Positivity in Nude Photoshoot

A group of girlfriends/self proclaimed lingerie-enthusiasts just published photos from a shoot that was aimed at promoting body positivity.

The photos were taken at a beach, where the girls stripped down and covered their naked bodies with glitter-paint. 

The Instagrammers arrived at the beach just in time for sunrise [despite rainy conditions], and hired a professional photographer (who is married to one of the girls) to snap the pictures.

"[The group] did it because we love ourselves and want to do things that make us happy," one of the models explains. "But if these pictures are seen by people and make them feel more confident in themselves, more comfortable in their own skin, and better able to embrace their body shapes, that makes it a total success in my eyes."

What do YOU think of the photos?

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