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Today is "National Day of Unplugging"

Today, March 3rd, is National Day of Unplugging!

The first Friday in March has been designated as a day to take a break from technology -- meaning you're supposed to celebrate by refraining from text messaging, watching TV and using social media.

Now, that may seem pretty scary... but you can do it!

Today will be an exercise in being fully present wherever you are -- whether that's a classroom, the office, or just spending time with your friends and family. 

[For example: put your phone down. Actively listen to your teachers. DO NOT do what is pictured above.]

You might be thinking: what am I supposed to do if I can't check my phone or watch TV?

Well, you could try to read a book!

...or you could go for a run.

...or you could get up and dance.

The ultimate point is: put your phone/TV remote down.
It's a great, big world -- get out there and really live in it! Just for 24 hours

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