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Parents Are Pampering Their Newborns At This Spa Just for Babies

I think both Mom & Baby would agree -- birthing ain't easy.

Just being a baby is exhausting; there's so much to get used to!
Think about it: one second you're somewhere dark, comfortable and warm, the next someone is spanking your bottom and rubbing Vitamin K in your eyes.

It's literally a whole new world, which has GOT to be stressful.

That's where Baby Spa comes in.

It's a place that recently opened in Perth, Australia where parents can take their newborns for a little R&R.

A typical session lasts for about an hour and includes 10 to 30 minutes of floating [via a special flotation device to support baby's head] in a warm bath. 

[I literally cannot handle how cute this is.]

According to Baby Spa's website, the treatments are actually extremely beneficial for the little tykes. This is because being in water gives their arms and legs more freedom to move, which is said to promote physical, emotional and mental development.

(Some clinical evidence suggests that neonatal swimming can accelerate a newborn's growth.) 

After floating, each baby is wrapped in a warm towel before receiving a gentle massage with grape seed oil.

All I gotta say is, this is frickin' adorable.
Would you take YOUR newborn to Baby Spa? 

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