Domestic Abuse Survivor Marries the Paramedic Who Saved Her Life

In January 2012, Melissa Dohme was lifted into an ambulance after being stabbed 32 times by [then-boyfriend] Robert Lee Burton Jr. in her Clearwater, Florida, home.

One of the first responders, a man named Cameron Hill, resuscitated her after she flat-lined several times.

Two months later, Dohme and Hill reconnected at a luncheon -- and by the following December, they were dating.

The couple became engaged at a baseball game in May of 2015...

And on March 4, 2017, the two were married.

“It was a full circle moment,” Melissa told People magazine. I spent the worst and the best day of my life with Cameron.”

She has a single message to other women who are recovering from domestic abuse:

"Life and love after abuse is possible."

If you or someone you know is currently a victim of abuse, please call 1-800-787-3224, or visit to connect with an advocate who can help. 

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