Surprise AcroYoga Proposal Goes Viral

I'm seriously thinking about joining an AcroYoga class after watching this viral proposal video. 

Alec Horan and Steph Gardner -- who have been partners in class and IRL for two years -- were practicing on the beach [in effing Oahu], when Steph (who was "flying" at the time) went into a full-back extension that brought her face-to-face with an engagement ring.

Alec, an amateur photographer, often takes pictures of their poses for Instagram, so Steph wasn't suspicious at all when he set up the camera to capture this one. 

Now that these two can skip off into the sunset together, I'm going to return to my typical Monday morning, already in progress.

If anyone is now painfully aware of how utterly single they are, these yoga fails might cheer you up a bit.

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