McDonald's Introduces the Frork, an Actual Fork Made of Fries

McDonald's just unveiled an eating utensil made out of french fries.

It's called the Frork, and somehow this is not a joke.

The Frork is part of Micky D's campaign for their new Signature Crafted Recipe sandwiches.

I guess they have a lot of toppings that tend to drip out of the buns (this feels weird to describe), so the Frork is supposed to help you scoop them all up so as not to miss out. 

McDonald's even used famous infomercial pitchman Anthony Sullivan to announce their little invention. 

To get your very own Frork, head to (select) McDonald's on May 5 and order a Signature Crafted Recipe sandwich. The utensil will be given away with the sandwich while supplies last (obvi).

You can track locations at!
What do you think about all of this?

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