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Melania Trump Just Favorited A Tweet That Suggests Her Marriage is Broken

The marriage of Donald & Melania Trump has faced tons of speculation over the years, but never more than it has since the day of D's presidential inauguration.

While the event gave the world plenty of memes to post, favorite & retweet [ex: George W. Bush fighting with a poncho], none got more attention than those featuring a seemingly miserable Melania Trump

More than 100 days in, FLOTUS has yet to move into the White House, which has done nothing to dispel the rumors of her supposed unhappiness.

Though she's said she simply wants to allow their son, Barron, to finish out the school year [in NYC] first, Melania did favorite a Tweet on Tuesday that suggested her marriage was broken.

Many were quick to assume the "favorite" was fake -- including the author of the original Tweet itself -- but it didn't take long for others to provide their own screenshots of Mrs. Trump's account, confirming they were seeing it too.

The Editors at Cosmopolitan write:

The tweet remained favorited on @MELANIATRUMP's account for more than half an hour before someone eventually took it down.

The incident was all the more confusing given the fact that Trump has since switched over to the @FLOTUS account on Twitter, and hasn't tweeted from @MELANIATRUMP since Election Day. Even more confounding, Ostroy's original tweet tagged Trump's @FLOTUS account, not @MELANIATRUMP — so it's unclear how whoever favorited the tweet found it in the first place.

So what was it? An accident? An intern? An actual cry for help?

The First Lady has yet to make a statement about it, so I guess we may never know. 

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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