Viral Facebook Post Reminds Moms to Speak Positively of Themselves

Brittney Johnson was trying on bikinis with her daughter at Target when she realized the importance of positive self-talk.

"I snapped pictures of them to send to my girlfriends and say 'yes or no?!' because girls are wired weird and that's just what we do.. And then I snapped this one. See that sweet baby girl in the corner? With half a dress on and one of the bikini tops I had picked out? I stopped for a second to see what she would say and when she turned to the mirror, she said 'Wow I just love cheetah print! I think I look beautiful! Do you think I look beautiful too?!'"

At that moment, Johnson said it "hit her" that her little girl only exhibits the behaviors that are modeled out for her.

"She is kind walking through the mall, because I tell her she is kind everywhere else. She is polite at the order counter because she hears me when I'm polite to strangers everywhere. She gives compliments to people she doesn't know because she loves how it feels when she hears them. And when we are in a dressing room, with swimsuits of all God forsaken thingsthere is a split moment when I have the power to say 'wow I have really gotten fat this year' OR 'wow I love this coral color on me!' And those are the words burned into my daughters brain. When it comes to manners, be an example. When it comes to kindness, be an example. And when it comes to body image, be an example."

You can read the full post below.
Just remember mamas [and caregivers in general-- little eyes and little ears are always paying attention! Love yourself and others, so that your babies will too!

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