Reese Witherspoon Surprises Student Living in Her Old Dorm

Before Reese Witherspoon became an Academy Award winning actress, she was just a Nashville girl that went all the way to Stanford for college. (some life, huh?)

[Witherspoon was an English Literature major there in the 90sbut eventually dropped out to pursue acting full time.]

The Big Little Lies star revisited her old stomping grounds on Saturday, when she served as a guest speaker at Stanford's business school.

Reese took a detour though, and stopped by her old dorm room -- totally surprising its new resident, Caitlyn.

“I turned toward the door and all I see is Reese Witherspoon peeking in,” Caitlyn told Inside Edition. “She was like, ‘Can we come in?’ My jaw dropped.”

Pretty cool, huh?

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