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All of Humanity Votes, Majority Decides That Sidney Crosby is A B****

Game 5 of the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals was hard to watch for fans of the Nashville Predators -- and not simply because it ended 6-0 PENS. 

We're not blaming the referees for the loss, but we are pretty *uPsEt* about the fact that they let [Penguins player] Sidney Crosby off the hook for some seriously intense bullsh....

At one point, Crosby literally sat on top of PK Subban, and repeatedly smashed his head into the ice. 

Despite the fact that a referee was RIGHT FRICKIN' THERE WATCHING THE WHOLE THING, a penalty wasn't called until Subban got up to defend himself.

NHL commentator Mike Milbury even seemed to enjoy the moment, stating that Subban "had it coming". 

The injustice of it all continued just before the Penguins scored their fifth goal of the game, when Crosby threw a water bottle from the bench onto the ice at Mattias Ekholm.

No penalty was called, and the goal stood.

Can someone please explain this crap to us?

A little bit of revenge was found later though, about halfway into the third period.

A massive fight broke out, and it ended with two of our guys in the penalty box.
(of course it did, we're not Pittsburgh so we don't get away with anything.)

It's important to note that the Preds come home to Smashville for Game 6 Sunday night, and it ain't over yet

How are you feeling about things after Game 5 of the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals?

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