Women of Hollywood Launch Anti-Sexual Harassment Initiative "Time's Up"

Hundreds of Hollywood's most prominent women -- including actresses, writers, directors, agents, etc., -- have come together to champion a new anti-sexual harassment initiative, called Time's Up.

The movement was announced on Monday with a full page ad in the New York Times, with a letter that reads: "We want all survivors of sexual harassment, everywhere, to be heard, to be believed, and to know that accountability is possible." 

The women behind Time's Up have launched a legal defense fund to support victims, and thanks to large donations from Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift & Steven Spielberg, more than $13 million has already been raised. 

“We have been siloed off from each other,” Reese Witherspoon said. “We’re finally hearing each other, and seeing each other, and now locking arms in solidarity with each other, and in solidarity for every woman who doesn’t feel seen, to be finally heard.”

You can learn more about Time's Up and even donate to the legal defense fund by visiting www.timesupnow.com.

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