4 Year Old Sings "Remember Me" from 'Coco' to Honor His Late Sister

Okay, grab some tissues. (Seriously, grab some.)

4-year-old Alex from San Antonio, Texas just went viral after his mom shared a video of him singing "Remember Me" from Disney's Coco to a picture of his late little sister, Ava Lynn.

Ava Lynn died in May of 2017 after being diagnosed with a kidney condition known as hydronephrosis, so Alex made sure to honor her on what would have been her first birthday

Alex's dad, Samir, said that watching Coco -- a film that focuses on the tradition of Diá de los Muertos -- helped Alex cope with Ava's passing. "He started to ask more accurate and direct questions, and using Coco as a reference was a huge help," said Samir.

I don't know about you, but I'm an emotional wreck right now.
You can see more about Alex and his Forever Love for his little sister below.  

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