I Started A Podcast with My Girlfriends & I'm Nervous

If you listen to 107.5 The River, then you probably know me as the bubbly, Girl Power-loving voice hanging out with Woody & Jim every morning. Those guys are my family - and I'm not going anywhere - but I did just start a new project. A podcast with three of my girlfriends.  

It's called Never The Less, and the point of it is to give women a safe place to have open, honest conversations -- about anything and everything. Politics, world news, relationships, even silly sh**; we plan to talk about it all. And where Woody & Jim Show can be a bit more topical (for the sake of time), Never The Less gives us an opportunity to dive deeper into the issues.

My co-hosts -- Kait, Robin, & Jess -- have worked behind the scenes at The River for years, and they're three of the most amazing women I know. We're all in completely different places in our lives, but that's part of what makes this whole project so fun.

You can swipe through the Instagram post above to read an introductory letter and see pictures of us, and click the link in the Tweet below to check out our first episode. In it, we introduce each other, discuss Times Up & even the idea of Oprah running for president. 

And hey -- we really want to hear from you. If there's a topic you'd like to hear us cover, don't hesitate to let us know! Your feedback is everything.

I'm nervous; after all, it can be pretty scary to put yourself out there. But I ultimately decided that I couldn't let fear of failure keep me from chasing the dream -- and that's to be a part of something where women get to lead the conversation. I hope you'll join it. 


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