Kansas Scrambles to Change Rules After 6 Teens Enter Governor's Race

Lawmakers in Kansas are scrambling to change the rules about what it takes to run for governor -- or maybe I should say, they're scrambling to actually HAVE rules....because up until this point, they haven't had any. There's no minimum age, no required experience, nothing.

So naturally, six teenagers have entered the 2018 race

17-year-old Jack Bergeson was the first to announce his candidacy in the race. He calls himself an anti-establishment candidate, and is pursuing the Democratic nomination. Bergeson is advocating for a $12 minimum wage, the legalization of medical marijuana, and high-speed rail for major cities in the region.

Five other teens have thrown their hat in the ring since, ranging from 16-18 in age.
You can learn more about them below.

What do you think? Would you vote for one of these teenagers?

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