11-Year-Old Hands Out Valentines to Nashville's Homeless Population

Kids like 11-year-old Ethan Allen restore my faith in humanity.

After spending the weekend signing and packaging more than 1,000 valentines, Ethan began delivering them to homeless people in Nashville

“We feel like on Valentine’s Day they don’t feel like they are loved, they are struggling to find a meal, they aren’t going to take their money they have and buy Valentines. So, we thought we would get as many Valentines as we can from as many people as we can and send them out to them and distribute them, so we can make as many people as we can feel loved,” Ethan told WKRN. 

After getting the idea from a friend who works with the homeless, Ethan's endeavor became a family project. His neighbors and classmates soon joined in, donating candy and cards. 

What an amazing young man, right?!

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