Trump Asks Justice Department to Propose Ban on Bump Stocks

President Trump announced Tuesday that he has asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions to propose a ban on bump stocks -- a currently legal device that allows semi-automatic weapons to mimic fully automatic fire.

Stephen Paddock used a bump stock to kill 58 people (and injure hundreds more) in the Las Vegas shooting in October.

Many have expressed that they feel the timing of Trump's request to ban bump stocks is odd, as it comes months after the Vegas incident, and as a bump stock did not play a role in Parkland, Florida's school shooting last week. 

Personally, I feel like progress is progress.

I don't believe common sense gun reform should be a partisan issue -- and while I didn't vote for President Trump (and am frequently alarmed and disappointed at his behavior), I will take what I can get. Banning bump stocks is a start, even if the gesture comes a little late. Better late than never, right?

What do you think?

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