Tennessee Ranked Angriest, Most Hateful State in the Nation

Although Nashville consistently ranks as one of the friendliest cities in the world, its home state of Tennessee hasn't fared so well in a list recently put out by financial help website, WalletHub.

According to its data (compiled from several sources), Tennessee is the most angry and hateful state in the nation. It placed third for the sins of excess and vice, and is ranked the sixth most sinful overall

Natalie Allison at the Tennessean writes that WalletHub analyzed violent crimes, sex offenders, hate groups, hate crime incidents, the number of mass shootings and elder abuse complaints per capita in order to make these determinations. 

According to Allison:
WalletHub's results were released the same day as the Southern Poverly Law Center's annual Year In Hate report, which listed 37 active hate groups in Tennessee, including neo-Nazi, KKK, racist skinhead, white nationalist, black nationalist and other extremist groups.


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