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Trump Says He'd Have "Run In There" to Confront Parkland Shooter

While criticizing law enforcement's response to the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, President Donald Trump told reporters he believes he would have "run in there" to confront the shooter, even without a weapon.

(Deputy Scot Peterson -- who arrived at the freshman building 90 seconds after the first shots were fired -- resigned this week, after it was discovered that he never engaged the gunman who killed 17 students and teachers.)

Given his reaction to potential danger in the past, many were skeptical of his bold claim. 

Defenders of the president and have since pointed to a 1991 incident in which he allegedly stopped a mugging in New York City. However, one witness stated that the perpetrator ran away before Trump actually appeared on the scene.

[see below for the article in question]

Trump Mugging Article, Sun-Journal

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders seemed to walk back the president's remarks during the afternoon's briefing, saying: "I think he was just stating that as a leader he would have stepped in, and hopefully be able to help. A lot of the individuals that helped protect others that day weren't carrying firearms." She concluded by saying that in that sort of situation, Trump would want to take "courageous action." 

Whatever your opinion on the validity of POTUS' statement, I think we can agree that all of us hope we'd be brave and selfless in the face of danger. 

Moving on from hypotheticals, though, I do want to send love and light to one heroic teen who did put himself in the line of fire during the Valentine's Day massacre at MSD High.

Anthony Borges, a 15-year-old who immigrated to the U.S. from Venezuela, is credited for saving the lives of 20 of his peers. He was shot 5 times, and is still in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

Any further thoughts?

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