'Bridal Buddy' Helps Brides Go to the Bathroom on their Own

Every bridesmaid knows that part of her duties on The Big Day will be to hold the bride's dress when she goes to the bathroom, right?

Well, consider yourselves Officially Let Off the Hook, ladies! 'Cause the *Bridal Buddy* is a total game changer. It's like a... fishing net... thing... that goes under your dress... and renders outside tinkle-time-help completely unnecessary! See below for a demonstration. 

The Bridal Buddy was actually featured on an episode of Shark Tank, where viewers got to meet the inventor of the ~*iNgeNiOus*~ product, Heather Stenlake.

Stenlake is a divorced, single mom who put all $40k of her retirement savings into her idea. Thankfully, two of the "sharks" (Kevin O'Leary & Lori Greiner) bought in! 

You can purchase your own Bridal Buddy for $39.95.


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