Christina Aguilera Admits to A "Thing" with Britney Spears

I'm trying not to jump to conclusions here, but I'm not the only one who thinks Christina Aguilera just admitted to a former "thing" with Britney Spears during her Carpool Karaoke session with James Corden

Aguilera & Corden were discussing the superstar's time in the Mickey Mouse Club, where Spears, Justin Timberlake & Ryan Gosling served as her cast-mates.

"I think there were crushes, but, I...I wasn't on the train. I wasn't on the train," Xtina said when asked if she had ever found herself 'lost in Ryan Gosling's eyes.'

"What train were you on? Were you on the Timberlake train?" Corden then inquired. 

"Um...I think...well there was like and Britney...[insert lots of stammering]...there was like a thing back then...Oh my god, you're going in. It was a good time."

OMFG, right?!

There is every possibility that she was trying to say that she and Britney both had a crush on Timberlake, but the internet isn't entirely sure. What do YOU think? Check it out below!

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