Instagram Introduced A New Feature That is Making Everyone Feel Bad

If you've ever found yourself experiencing deja vu while scrolling through your Instagram feed -- I meanhow many car selfies can one person take?! --  you're probably going to love the new feature the app just introduced. 

"You're All Caught Up" will be incorporated into your feeds immediately -- and it notifies you when you've looked at all of the day's content with a green check mark. [Anything that you have previously viewed and/or is more than 2 days old will appear after that.]

The only downside to "You're All Caught Up" is that it increases your awareness of how much frickin' time you spend on social media, instead of curing cancer or talking to the people around you. 

But I guess even that makes sense, as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg endorsed Time Well Spent, a nonprofit that's trying to end the "digital attention crisis" brought on by apps like Instagram.


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