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Shane Dawson Releases Part 1 of Jeffree Star Docu-Series, Snatches Wigs

Beloved YouTube creator Shane Dawson just released the first episode of his highly anticipated docu-series featuring Jeffree Star -- currently one of the internet's most polarizing personalities

The Secret World of Jeffree Star: Part 1 left viewers in a frenzy, as it wasted no time in exposing that which has never really been seen before, including Jeffree's eclectic [and Gucci-filled] pink-AF-Calabasas-mansion

Star also revealed tidbits about his relationship with boyfriend Nate Schwandt, who is often the subject of drama channels alleging that he's unfaithful -- and only with Jeffree for the money. 

[I'm not gonna lie, hearing them explain how they have threesomes when they travel -- and how that is the cause of Nate's nudes leaking -- just left me shook.]

"The sad part about social media and the Internet is that some people like to hold onto DMs, or videos, or things like that and then use them against us later," Jeffree said of the encounters.

For those who have been wondering where the hell Jeffree's insane wealth comes from -- I mean hey, he hasn't been on YouTube THAT long -- you'll definitely want to watch part two, which teases a look inside Jeffree's multiple business ventures. [Apparently those include property investments around the world, the marijuana industry, and a merchandise company, to name a few.]

Oh, and one more thing... 

Shane, who has long-since felt unsupported by YouTube, finally made the Trending page.
[And I'll just go ahead and say it -- it's so deserved. His content over the last several months, with the help of cameraman and editor Andrew Siwicki, has been an absolute joy to watch.]

Watch part one of The Secret World of Jeffree Star below!

How are you feeling about Dawson's latest series?!

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