Nashville Zoo Announces Birth of Three Meerkat Pups

If you're looking for your *dAiLy DoSe oF CuTe, look no further than these precious baby meerkats at the Nashville Zoo!

Grassmere just announced that parents Calvin (age 12), & Victoria (age 10), welcomed three new meerkat pups July 11, 2018. The pair has been together for 3.5 years, and this is reportedly their second litter.

Nashville Zoo primate area supervisor Sabrina Barnes says that this will be a great opportunity for the pups' older siblings to "learn how to take care of the young, so they will become great parents when they're older."

Apparently meerkats live by the "it takes a village" mentality, so when mama Victoria needs to leave the tunnel to eat, drink or just take a frickin' walk -- as all new moms do! -- her older kiddos will be responsible for babysitting. 

Check out a video of the happy family below!

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