The Weeknd Seemingly Shades Selena Gomez in New Track "Thought I Knew You"

A lot has happened since The Weeknd & Selena Gomez ended their relationship -- Bieber [who Gomez ran to immediately after the breakup] is engaged to Hailey Baldwin and Abel has reunited with Bella Hadid -- but dude is still seemingly making music about his ex. 

In Nicki Minaj's "Thought I Knew You" from her newly released album, QueenThe Weeknd sings about someone that he believes is playing the victim. Check out some of the lyrics below:

Nevermind, you were never mine for real/Hit my line, I'ma hit decline for real / I ain't tryin' for a second time for real

Honestly, I think this shit excites you (excites you) / All that drama that you're tied to (oh, yeah)/You play the victim every time too/That shit came back and hit you times two


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