Taylor Swift Tearfully Recalls Anniversary of Sexual Assault Trial Verdict

While performing in Tampa Bay Tuesday night as part of her Reputation Stadium Tour, Taylor Swift got understandably emotional as she shared memories of the sexual assault trial she eventually won last year. 

[If you are unaware of that story, a DJ from Denver groped her backstage at a meet & greet for the Red tour. He took her to court to sue her for the fact that he lost his job over the incident (THE AUDACITY, AMIRIGHT?!). In return, she sued him for a symbolic $1.]

"A year ago, the jury sided in my favor and said that they believed me. I think about all the people that weren't believed. The people who haven't been believed. And the people who are afraid to speak up because they think they won't be believed," Taylor said tearfully from her piano.

Fans actually took dollar bills out of their pocket and held them in the air in a show of solidarity. Watch the powerful moment below!


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